BIZERBA Manual gravity slicer GSP H

This compact series combines fast through-put with excellent wrapping and labelling performance. It can be installed anywhere to raise operating efficiency and product quality.

The manual gravity slicer GSP H by Bizerba is a premium device that sets global benchmarks in ergonomics, hygiene, and safety. This manual slicer operates using gravity, making it user-friendly even when slicing heavier products, thanks to its ergonomic, inclined carriage and precise Bizerba engineering. It is noted for its variety of versions, catering to different slicing needs.

  • Ergonomic Design: The inclined carriage ensures ease of operation, reducing user fatigue.
  • Hygiene: With a focus on cleanliness, the GSP H features a drainage system to prevent liquid accumulation and an optional Ceraclean® surface for easy cleaning.
  • Safety: An optional safety package with “Illumination” indicates the machine’s operating state, reducing injury risks.
  • Versatility: The slicer is suitable for various environments, including kitchens, cafeterias, and sales counters.
  • Technical Sophistication: The GSP H comes with a powerful blade drive and can be equipped with Bizerba sharpeners that are dishwasher safe, ensuring no hygiene risk during sharpening.


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