LOC Point of Sale

SMS offers the most advanced, most adaptable point of sale engine in the industry today. The front end module is fast and flexible, safe and easy to use. It offers more ways to sell product, provides more transactional details for superior reporting capabilities, and provides tighter security measures to aid in loss prevention.

The POS is flexible enough to support multiple input combinations within the same environment, plus user interfaces can easily be customized for look and desired flow. Multi-layered menu options are available for drill down capabilities, and the system is fully capable of bidirectional communication from within a transaction. Such integration offers virtually unlimited possibilities with third party applications, including loyalty and data collection services.

The seamless and fully integrated pricing and promotions engines offer unparalleled possibilities too. Now, true transaction based promotions are not only possible, but easier to implement and control, with no cashier intervention required.

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LOC Back Office

SMS offers the most advanced and the most adaptable back office. The power and flexibility extend well beyond the back office too, fully integrating multi-store price book, purchasing, loyalty, financial reporting and operations.

The system is flexible enough to support multiple input combinations within the same environment, plus user interfaces can easily be customized for look and desired flow. Multi-layered menu options are available for drill down capabilities, and the system is fully capable of bidirectional communication from store to host to other stores. Such integration offers a wide array of options for centralizing batch deployment, operator management, loyalty and club promotions, and more.

The seamless and integrated pricing and promotions engines offer unparalleled possibilities too. Traditional promotions and coupons are easily supported, plus chains can now extend promotional capabilities by offering multi-level conditions based promotions that drive customer behavior and increase basket size. Driving more business with your existing system, that’s SMS.

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LOC Purchasing & Receiving

SMS offers the most complete, most advanced purchasing utilities available. Going well beyond a scan and input purchase order device, SMS integrates the entire process. Detailed information is now available at the time of purchase,rather than after the document is created. Buyers can easily access movement data, sales and financial information, past purchases, in-process orders,
allowances, rebates, discounts, adjustments and more. Purchasing decisions can now be made with intelligent data at your fingertips, either in or outside the store.

Reordering processes are enhanced too. SMS was designed from the input of experience, senior buyers, allowing for multiple methods of suggested ordering. Buyers can browse options for minimums, back to maximum, cover shortages, since last order, based on sales, on purchasing, on forecast, on minimum vendor requirements, and more.

SMS also helps manage multiple suppliers for the same item. Tools and prompts ensure buyers make decisions based on the best, most current pricing information. And the system allows for easy transfer of open PO’s to vendors with best pricing.

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LOC Frequent Shopper

SMS offers a complete, flexible loyalty engine designed to drive profitable growth, regardless of how simple or complex your loyalty program is. Best of all, SMS loyalty is included with the suite, fully integrated into all operations, and designed to work seamlessly from point of sale, to detailed reporting, to proactive marketing. It is possible to drive behavior, and SMS provides the tools to do just that.

Designing and implementing a loyalty system couldn’t be easier. Traditional frequent shopper options, like discounting and points, are easily implemented based on a scheme of your choice. Better still, a more comprehensive set of promotions is available, and these are designed to bring a higher degree of sophistication to the program with less effort. Targeting specific groups of customers, at specific times, is now just a few clicks away.

Customer management is integrated directly with the loyalty engine. Data is now used for multiple purposes, including accounts receivable, check validation, anonymous and named loyalty, targeted offers, purchasing habits, detailed analytics, and more. All the data is intertwined, and now retailers can utilize this advanced knowledge in purchasing, inventory, and promotional activities.

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LOC Loyalty

SMS offers the most comprehensive customer engagement platform on the market, period. It really comes down to foresight and design. The single, unified database design of SMS aligns the POS to back office to host, providing seamless data flow in all directions, even across stores. Information is accessible anywhere, and interaction is delivered where it makes most sense. Possibilities can now include in-store, via web browser, via email, even an integrated phone app. SMS provides the platform, and the customer chooses the delivery vehicle.

That architecture is supported by tools that deliver an outstanding customer experience. Now, the powerful electronic coupon engine can be targeted specifically to a customer or group, delivering offers that go well beyond traditional dollars or percentages off. Instead, offers can now be based on what is actually happening during the transaction. Likewise, offers can be delivered based on past purchases, past non-purchases, even combined over a definable
period of time. Enticing the customer to try and buy items they typically have not is easier than ever.

Combined with a fully integrated, fully online POS, the promotional capabilities are really only limited by imagination. True transactions based offers are not only possible, but now done every day.

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LOC E-Commerce & Phone

SMS offers the most comprehensive customer engagement platform on the market, period. It really comes down to foresight and design. The unified design of SMS aligns in-store, online, and in-app transactions. All elements of the loyalty program and customer file are seamlessly woven into the e-commerce engine, which interact transparently with the phone application. Now consumers search and build shopping lists online, utilize the phone app to update and apply promotions while shopping, then transfer the entire cart to the in-store POS at checkout. Data transfer between touchpoints flows naturally and in real time.

Like the rest of the suite, architecture is just as important as the sales and service benefits. Providing investment protection and the latest technology has to offer is a balance, yet with a foundation built upon HTML5 and JavaScript, SMS offers ideal stability. Our e-commerce and phone app engines are browser independent, allowing your e-storefront, your phone app, or both to be utilized on any device regardless of size, shape, or operating system. Best of all, these new touchpoints are managed from one system, via the exact same interface your staff uses to maintain in-store items. There is no importing, no exporting, no interacting with third parties. The flow is seamless and can be managed entirely in-house. SMS helps makes your possibilities endless.

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LOC Advanced Promotions

The combination of SMS POS, customer file, loyalty and coupon engines provides retailers with the most complete, most adaptable, most sophisticated promotions toolset in the industry, without exception.

The process of retailing may start with a transaction, but the true art begins well before that. Creating the spark, or gratification, can take many forms, and that’s where data can truly help a retailer find those optimal approaches. SMS offers industry leading customer engagement, capable of anonymous, card based, even targeted offers, creating the will to purchase, thus instigating the entire process.

Like every other aspect of retail technology, successful promotions require a sophisticated engine capable of delivering much more than cents off or percentage discounts. Successful retailers understand purchasing patterns, or perhaps lack thereof. That knowledge is then translated into meaningful substance that influences behavior and is delivered through a medium that makes the most sense for the targeted prospect, customer or group.

Understand. Deliver. Thrive. That’s modern retailing. That’s SMS.

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LOC Money Management

Balancing any store is a daily task that is time consuming, yet very necessary. SMS provides tools to minimize errors, increase efficiency, and reduce loss. Balancing methodology differs with every store. Luckily SMS provides the flexibility to meet your existing store processes and procedures. The system can be configured to match cashier, till, or lane balancing.

Responsibility flows by operator when balancing is configured by cashier. When enabled, money follows the cashier login, allowing cashier and till to move from one lane to another as needed.

With till balancing employed, stores can limit the amount of cash in the till and allow different cashiers to use the same till. The till can move from lane to lane as needed, and responsibility flows by till number.

Additionally, lane balancing keeps all responsibility by lane number. The same till is left on the same lane, and all money is registered by lane number.

All three methodologies can be set to balance daily, weekly, or by any period of time.

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LOC Host

Centralized hosting offers two main functions for chain retailers, controlled item maintenance and consolidated reporting. Centralized pricing offers standardization and uniformity throughout a chain, not to mention reduced errors and more efficiency. Consolidating financial, movement, and performance data provides much more accurate tools at headquarters.

SMS host can connect an unlimited number of stores, plus link those stores to definable groups and regions. Our concept of targets allows headquarters to create groupings and control different price levels by group.

Data can be analyzed by store, department, sub, even item – chainwide. Inventory valuation and loss prevention reporting can help identify trends, reduce overages, and identify weaknesses by sub-department, even operator. Likewise, Host expands standard SMS reporting, offering sales analysis by store, by group, by region, even comparing between. Analysis can be run by city or state, and since grouping is unlimited, the same store can belong to different groups. With SMS Host, chains can now harnesses the power of transactional and operational data, all from one central location.

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Few elements of retail operation affect a store more than DSD methodology. Consider research conducted by Neilson. DSD items comprise almost one quarter of all unit sales, while these same items deliver over half of retail profit dollars in grocery. DSD processes and procedures are a cornerstone for profitability in grocery, and SMS can easily implement these procedures. Best of all, it works in conjunction with all other purchasing and receiving processes, regardless of vendor.

Controlling DSD processes is just as important as controlling the front end. SMS provides the tools to manage documents throughout the entire process flow, including buying, receiving, returning, and reporting. Similarly, SMS provides the management tools you require to effectively leverage vendor deals.

Managing the back door process is just as critical. As with standard vendor orders, SMS implements inspection controls for DSD vendors, enabling stores to compare purchases with vendor delivery requirements, submit audited receiving documentation, plus balance return allowances and credits. Integrating the process is key, and because the system is the same regardless of vendor type, no additional employee training is required.

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LOC Warehouse

Control leads to profitability in modern retailing. It is especially true when controlling order fulfillment and supply. SMS provides a full-featured module to help control and streamline real-time warehouse operations. The beauty of the design, it is the same base system used by stores to manage local inventory. Now, the enterprise can easily share data, share documents, and share process. There is no translation, no import process. The same system interacts and reacts with all clients, disseminating information where and when it is needed.

SMS Warehouse accurately and efficiently manages all business processes involved in order fulfillment, including ordering, shipping, invoicing, and receivables. Order center operators can gain instant access to customer files as calls are received. Multiple search criteria and views with all relevant information are readily available.

Orders can be processed as placed or batched until the night shift. A committed-to-order process ensures orders are covered by available inventory, and any shortages are easily viewed for corrective action. SMS also prints pick tickets by section, allows order splitting, and confirms related shipping processes. All information then flows naturally through invoicing too.

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B-Wise Module

B’Wise “Cellular Payment Center” is the retailer‘s payment processor of choice, providing real-time transaction processing for an ever-expanding variety of service providers, utilities and wireless carriers.

B’Wise has developed a complete automated payment system. From technology integration and implementation, to front-end collection and back-end processing and reporting, the system offered by B’Wise will allow for more reliable, efficient and convenient payment processing options that are faster and cheaper for both the retailer and consumer.

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