“For the past 15+ years, we have had a relationship with Técnica. Not withstanding the challenges that are faced by independent organizations due to the evolution of information technology, we have been fortunate that Técnica has been committed to ensuring that together we succeed.

Our decision to use Técnica when we opened our first store in Florida was not an easy one; we were beginning to embark on establishing ourselves in a new territory, and our reputation was at stake. Knowing that we could not fail and that upon the opening of our store, we could not be second best, Técnica stepped up and made sure we had what we needed and did not disengage until we were completely comfortable with the operation of our IT equipment and our systems in general. Today, we enjoy the fruits of our investment with multiple stores operating in different states. We are grateful to have partners with such great vendors. Técnica is part of our foundation and the strength that gives us confidence to continue to operate with courage.”