POS Software

LOC Suite unLOC your Potential

Técnica Systems delivers solutions built by our ally LOC Software.

LOC Suite is the next-generation solution designed to make transactions more manageable, profitable, and frequent for all industries.

The new design delivers role-driven applications capable of serving your stores via the web and mobile, unifying the front end, back office, headquarters, personnel, and customers—all while seamlessly accessing data wherever and whenever you need it from any device.



Scale Management Software

A scale software transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, which allows you to analyse and optimize your operation, are specifically designed to work with weighing equipment to provide weighing intelligence to your business. Easily configurable to suit your particular operation. Our scale software includes packages for simple reporting to complex real-time production management systems. They can run on stand-alone PCs or be integrated into existing networks and systems.

NationsOTC Card Solution

Revolutionize your retail business with NationsOTC Card Solution.

  • Gain new customers and repeat business.
  • Increase sales through incremental spending.
  • Improve cash flow and speed up the checkout process.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

An exclusive Técnica Systems product.

Discover the future of payments with the NationsOTC Interface, a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing payment systems.

Boost your retail business’s sales by tapping into a vast customer base.

As a retailer that accepts NationsBenefits Benefits Mastercard® Prepaid Card payments, you will gain new and repeat customers who have dollars loaded onto their cards on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Customers with a NationsOTC prepaid card will be able to use their card to buy eligible Over-the-Counter (OTC) products and healthy food items at your store. The transaction process is simple and hassle-free. With Nations OTC, you’re not just selling products; you’re improving lives.

Embrace the growth of healthcare payment tech and reach the coveted Medicare Advantage population of 28 million strong, with an average annual growth rate of 2%.

Técnica, as your support partner, will provide you with the necessary training and guidance throughout the implementation process.



Other Retail Applications

INET Kiosk Manager's Workstation

Application for management and maintenance of content for price verifiers devices – promotional advertising (Video, Images, Specials)

INET Kiosk Price Verifier Module

Required firmware that allows program control for price verifier units.

Labeling Application for Remote Printing

Application which allows remote printing from mobile devices (PDA, Laptop, Phone & Tablet).


Software for label printing and design.