Zebra Micro Kiosk MK4000

Deliver the ultimate in differentiated self-service with Zebra’s MK4000.

This powerful micro kiosk combines Zebra’s world-renowned barcode scanning technology, a large 12.1-inch SVGA touchscreen, high-speed processor and robust memory architecture to enable delivery of a wide range of information and services in a multitude of industries.

This versatile device takes self-service to the next level with a cost-effective connection to back-end systems and three USB ports for customization. And support for value-added promotional and workforce management applications — such as task management and training — helps ensure a rapid return on investment.


Zebra Micro Kiosk MK3100

Take self-service to a new level with intuitive interactive options.

Shoppers, guests and travelers want to choose how to get the service they need — from a person or from a self-service kiosk. With the MK3100 Micro Kiosk, you’ll have all the features you need to deliver an impressive self-service experience.

This powerful device supports simple applications such as price and inventory checks to highly intuitive and elegantly designed multimedia applications such as how-to or product informational videos and product catalogs, allowing shoppers, guests and travelers to get the information they need quickly and easily.


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