Ishida’s versatile, PC-based WM-Ai automatic wrapper delivers space-saving efficiency and high-speed performance while weighing, wrapping and labeling up to 35 packages per minute.

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Solutions adapted to fresh food packaging in trays on supermarket shelves, such as meat, poultry, fish, gastronomy, fruits and vegetables in large-scale retail shops. Stretch packaging helps protect and store products through the use of a highly sensitive film (stretch) that is wrapped around the product itself or the tray that contains it. Elixa® technology machines are fully automatic and feature a patented film stretch system in 4 directions that makes them unique worldwide. This feature allows the user to package any tray or product using a single width film reel with considerable advantages both in terms of management and cost saving. This technology provides maximum benefits to those who wish to package products with widely variable sizes and seeks maximum flexibility.

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