Ishida WM-AI Series

This compact series combines fast through-put with excellent wrapping and labelling performance. It can be installed anywhere to raise operating efficiency and product quality.

With Ishida WM-AI series, you get:

  • Quick, robust pack sealing of up to 35 packs per minute.
  • Effective, intelligently designed functions that prevent errors, such as a mechanism that prevents tray tip-over.
  • An advanced camera-recognition system that detects tray properties, ensures correct tray positioning and sets the correct wrapping conditions.
  • Cost-saving pack methods, with two wrapping modes that save on film and produce wraps at the right tension, and linerless labels that can be cut to specified sizes.

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EZ-1 Series

EZ-1 is a automatic stretch packager with technology of the last generation, particularly suitable for in-store applications.

The photocells added at the feed entrance, the next-generation microswitches designed to prevent tampering, the innovative design of the discharge which prevents any access to the moving parts, the gas springs for the opening of the exit device ensures users to operate in complete safety.

The next generation electronics featured in EZ-1 ensures maximum durability and reliability of the machine even in problematic environments.

With EZ-1 series, you get:

  • Safety first: functionality and design excellence to operate safely.
  • Next generation electronics: advanced technology for maximum durability and reliability.
  • Reduced power consumption: more efficiency, less costs, more green!

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