The Publisher Speaks – A Healthy Thought

As the glass sliding doors inaudibly open without breaking your pace as you walk in, the comforting noise of the loud whispers and the guiding convincing and authoritative expressions of the staff are likely to give you time to pause for a moment of appreciation. The clean floors and the well-organized displays of fresh baked goods and short (but perfectly assembled) produce stands are just a few elements that bring tears to your eyes – you cannot help but to notice the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and the landscape of salad stands as they are relentlessly filled and organized as if though the staff was trained at a bonsai tree-trimming school. The long and well-distributed hot and cold food cases are clean and filled to the very top and there is a staff member nearby as if though he or she was guarding a priceless painting in a museum. While touching and serving yourself was allowed, you cannot help but to smile as the staff approaches and gives you a nonjudgmental explanation of the precise contents of what you are about to serve yourself.